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About Lori S. Kornblum, J.D.

Lori Kornblum is a former appellate court judge. She has a JD with decades of experience as an attorney.

Lori Kornblum is a former appellate judge, mediator, law professor and an attorney with over four decades of experience. Her legal practice focuses on several areas: Child Abuse, foster care, Parental Rights and Adoption, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Relations, and Adult Guardianship. She has unique experience in the field of adult Disabilities , as well as long term care and Wisconsin IRIS. Lori has been successful in informally negotiating resolutions to very difficult cases.

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She is a current Adjunct Professor and Instructor in the state of Wisconsin.
She is a licensed attorney and Juris Doctor with over 35 years of experience.
She is a prosecutor for 2 decades with many years of experience in diverse areas of practice.

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