Lori S. Kornblum

I have been  a practicing attorney for more than 35 years.  My many years of experience in diverse areas of practice convince me that nobody wants to be subject to  expensive and time consuming litigation,  but would rather exercise control over their futures and work things out for the best results. 

My practice experience includes more than two decades of experience as a prosecutor in Milwaukee County, where I did criminal law, juvenile law, Child Abuse and Neglect, Parental Rights, CHIPS, and Sexual Abuse.   As a prosecutor, I saw how effective mediation was in resolving family issues for the best interests of the children.  I have a unique ability to engage litigants in resolving problems, rather than fighting it out in court with protracted expenditure of time and money. 

My legal practice focuses on several areas: Child Abuse, foster care,  Parental Rights and Adoption, Child Sexual Abuse, Domestic Relations, Guardianship and  Elder Care.  I have unique experience in the field of Disabilities and Special Education law, as well as long term care and Wisconsin IRIS, with more than three decades of experience dealing with these types of issues.   and Disabilities and Long Term Care. I have been successful in informally negotiating resolutions to very difficult cases.

I keep expertise  in many areas of law, because in addition to my law practice, I love teaching aspiring Paralegals and Lawyers.  I am a  tenured faculty member at Milwaukee Area Technical College, Paralegal Department, where I teach  Legal Writing, Legal Research, Criminal Law and Procedure, Corporations,Legal Environment of Business, Civil Procedure, Debtor/Creditor Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate, Legal Interviewing and Investigation, and Introduction to Paralegalism.  I am  an Adjunct Faculty Member at Marquette University Law School, teaching a class on Child Abuse and the Law.