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What is IRIS?

IRIS is a program run by Wisconsin's Department of Health Services (DHS), Long Term Supports unit.  It is funded by Medicaid.  The difference between IRIS and Family Care is that IRIS is self-directed.  That is, the participant (individual receiving services), together with people close to them, figure out what the participant needs.  The participant works with an Independent Consultant, who is a contractor with IRIS, to develop a plan that meets the individual's goals and fits within the individual's budget. 

Where does Attorney Kornblum come it?

 I have long term experience with IRIS, since the beginning of IRIS.  I come in when participants or their guardians or both are having difficulty navigating IRIS.  They may believe a service is necessary, but IRIS disagrees.  Or, IRIS may cancel a service, sending out a Notice of Action (NOA).  Participants have legal rights, including the right to appeal.  I like to get involved before IRIS cancels a service or refuses it, but I can get involved afterwards at the appeal stage.  Generally, working out the problem with IRIS through negotiation is the most effective way to handle these issues.

Who can benefit from representation for IRIS?

  • Parents, guardians and participants who are having difficulty with an IRIS agency

  • Also people who have received a Notice of Action (NOA)or Participants who are having difficulty navigating the system.

Ms. Kornblum does not handle the family court aspects of the case. However, she is more than happy to work with your attorney, or if you are an attorney, to help you with your client, on the child abuse aspects of the case. For more information about working with an expert consultant, contact Lori Kornblum at 414-331-3165 or email her at

(414) 331-3165

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