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Expert Consultant in Child Abuse Legal Issues

Expert Consultants are used to testify in court regarding an issue that needs further explanation for the judge or jury. They are there to provide their analysis and opinion on a matter that relates to the case. They provide clarity and make it easier for decisions to be rendered based on facts, as opposed to emotions.

Expert Consultants are especially valuable in family cases involving child abuse issues, where the attorney handling the main part of the family case does not have expertise in the child abuse aspects of the case. An expert Consultant shares information about how to pursue the case, what various strategies are, and about how to access other experts on how child abuse can affect a child and to give the judge or jury and in-depth looking into the psychological aspects of a child abuse aspects of the case.

Child abuse expert consultants consult with attorneys and provide case validation, depositions, and trial appearances. They are able to share their experience and provide case study information that gives a better understanding of a situation.

Who would need this type of service?

  • Attorneys being challenged based on the way they handle child abuse cases.
  • Attorneys who need more expertise on cases in which they can handle the basic family court aspects of the case, but do not have sufficient experience or confidence to handle the child abuse aspects.

Ms. Kornblum does not handle the family court aspects of the case. However, she is more than happy to work with your attorney, or if you are an attorney, to help you with your client, on the child abuse aspects of the case. For more information about working with an expert consultant, contact Lori Kornblum at 414-331-3165 or email her at

(414) 331-3165

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