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In Peer-on-peer Child Sexual Abuse, States Differ on Who’s a Peer

The phrase “peer on peer child sexual abuse” is well known. It implies an exploitative sexual relationship of one minor by another. But who is a “peer”? From the Latin word par the term infers equality. A dictionary definition of the word “peer” as a noun is “a person of the same age, the same […]

Family Court or Not? Raising Child Abuse Allegations Against a Parent

In cases involving child abuse allegations against a parent, lawyers must decide whether to bring an action in children's court or family court. There are procedural and substantive advantages and disadvantages to filing for a child abuse injunction first versus raising the allegations as part of an active family law matter. The authors discuss jurisdictional […]

Three things every foster parent should do in Wisconsin

Foster parents are the backbone of our child protection system.  Foster parents provide safe and stable homes for children, often to see the children removed from their homes for various reasons. Sometimes the reasons are for the benefit of family reunification.  Sometimes the reasons re not so clear, like someone calling in a complaint about […]

When a Child Discloses Abuse

By Lori S. Kornblum and Daniel Pollack   Reference: Child Care Exchange Article When A Child Discloses Abuse Download Pollack Kornblum Exchange When a child discloses abuse PDF You are a teacher, a child care worker, a program administrator, or any other person who has contact with children. One day, you observe a child engaged […]

What is a Child Abuse Expert Witness?

If you are involved in a child abuse case, a child abuse expert can be a valuable resource. All too often in child abuse cases, emotions override facts. It is understandable how this can be the case, but in order to achieve a successful outcome in a case and truly provide protection for children the […]

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