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Adult Guardianship

Do you have a loved one who cannot care for themselves?
Guardianship may be the answer to help them.

What is Guardianship?
It is a legal relationship where a court appoints someone, usually a relative, for a person who has who has developmental disabilities, dementia, brain injury, chronic mental illness, or any other issue that makes them incapable of caring for themselves.

Do I need to go to court?
Yes. Guardianship is established in a court proceeding.

Can I do it myself?
You can, but there are lots of legal requirements and papers to file. Ms. Kornblum can help you through the process.

What does the court need to find?
The court needs to find that an individual is<em>substantially unable</em>to provide for his or her physical, emotional, medical, or residential needs and unable to make “informed decisions.”

Does someone lose their right to vote if they have a guardianship?
The right to vote is an important right of citizenship. A person requesting guardianship can request that the person under guardianship retain their right to vote. Or, they can ask the court.

Ms. Kornblum has been appointed as a Guardian ad Litem in hundreds of cases involving guardianship and protective placements. She has filed dozens of cases on behalf of clients. Call her for more information at 414-331-3165 or email her at

(414) 331-3165

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