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What is a Child Abuse Expert Witness?

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If you are involved in a child abuse case, a child abuse expert can be a valuable resource. All too often in child abuse cases, emotions override facts. It is understandable how this can be the case, but in order to achieve a successful outcome in a case and truly provide protection for children the case must be guided by facts. A child abuse expert will ensure this occurs because they specialize in sorting out fact from fiction.

If you have been falsely accused of child abuse, an expert witness will point out issues that could raise reasonable doubts about the circumstances. If a child has suffered abuse, an expert can provide testimony that reinforces what the child has claimed. In either case, the role of the expert witness is to identify the validity of the child’s claims.

A child abuse expert is able to provide an experienced and educated opinion concerning the case, investigate the motivations of an accuser, and utilize the skills of other experts when necessary.

Prosecutors in child abuse cases must prove the accused is guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Expert consultants are brought in to further clarify issues for judges and juries and to provide analysis and opinion regarding the issues in a given case. The clarity they provide makes it easier for decisions to be made based on facts instead of emotion, which is always important in the courtroom but is especially so when dealing with child abuse cases.

The services of a child abuse expert are especially important when there are accusations of child abuse within the family. This is even truer when the attorneys handling the family’s legal issues lack experience in dealing with child abuse. In addition to informing judges and juries, experts can also provide information to the attorney about how to pursue the case, what strategies to use, and how to access resources that can provide information about the psychological aspects of child abuse. This makes it easier on the family, especially the children, and avoids attorneys being challenged for how they handled the case.

Finally, a child abuses expert is able to identify if a child has been coached. Unfortunately, there are situations in which caregivers, parents, family members, or friends coach a child, either intentionally or unintentionally, in child abuse cases. Coaching can alter a child's memory and lead to false allegations. Parents involved in contentious divorces and/or custody battles sometimes use their children against one another and in particularly volatile cases, parents have been known to be suggestive or encourage their children to lie. There are also instances in which parent has the best intentions, but it results in a child reporting something that did not occur. An expert witness is able to recognize red flags and other signs that a child’s report might not be accurate or true.

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